Abstract Figure

by Satoshi Date

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released February 23, 2012

Satoshi Date



all rights reserved


Satoshi Date London, UK

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Track Name: filtered

I am drawing… ‘cause I have to, but I don’t understand you, I.. I don’t understand you.
I know it but it hasn't passed me through

If yours, if mine, never reached

Still I'm a drop over here. They are drinking me from every side
(I know it)
What was it that you gave me to filter?
Do you still have it in your hands?
Or did you take away your favour while I wasn't there?

These fruits are shared, you took them before the branch let them fall
Weaved and formed
Will my love be closed forever in this hibernation?

You are making a wall of my shell
Shell that shelters me
(With your thread)

I express it only with these lean words…. and frozen hands
Track Name: numbness

Love is to grow… so let me feed it
Don’t drag me into your numbness. Don’t leave a mass of your puzzle

Shuffled mind Tortured soul But don’t change your shape

Fallen minds Still Above the death I hold them under
‘til you feel no weight by them If I’m still wakened. (me, no,) well, I won’t collapse
This now is only you

Your floating smiles, pain, innocence and bind create your image of the light…
Leisurely….. it fades away when I reach out my hand out
You’re afraid of being so (My wishes, my dreams and…)
(I don’t mind if it’s real or…)
Beams of you up and down reach your being through the air (your dream)

If I see you on horizon, even if it’s one way. I’ll fly to hold you
(love me here) (crying, on your skin, tears)
If I’m no more, you’ll be fallen. Remnants of you stay on the roughness

You make yourself down down (Jeers make you down down)
Like a lamb on the lonely hill
If you let me love you, all the things you’ve lost will be here.

Is that you?
Let me prove you, oh, if you show me you
Pure silence in you, I’m the only one can hear

(Turn and turn your traces, your cipher. What happened to my ciphers? Wheel and wheel. My wish‘s to grow our happiness beside you….)
Track Name: whimsical daylight
Save meaning of them
Save meaning of them

No, come right here
Your 'No' will be 'Yes'
So, widen a circle around this spring

There's a right thing in here

Don't believe one thing

One thing

Hold me now
Not to Be mad

When I exist
Hold me again